2008 Alpha Bitch Announced

Just like a lot of other companies, we recognize the best of the best employees at the end of the year.  We just happen to call our top award something a little different: ALPHA BITCH

This isn’t some kind of phony award where the big shots pick the person who kisses the best ass.  Nope. Alpha Bitch is a big deal here at Flying Dog.  All of the Mutts cast a vote and take it super serious.

This year, our Alpha Bitch, as voted by the people is Inventory Specialist, Justin Livengood.

2008 Alpha Bitch, Justin Livengood

The only downside to Justin winning this award was that he was in Mexico on his honeymoon and wasn’t able to accept the award in person.

So, we’ll do a cyber congrats to Justin for both winning the Alpha Bitch award and getting hitched.

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