New Belgian-Style Wit Beer to be Released in June

The People’s Republic of Flying Dog responded in a big way when given the chance to play a role in Flying Dog Brewery’s fascinating, yet irreverent history. Over 1500 names were submitted by consumers from around the country for Flying Dog’s “Name our Summer Seasonal Contest.”

The newest addition to Flying Dog’s “litter of ales” will be a “Belgian-style Wit” (White) beer and will be called “Woody Creek White.” The winning name was submitted by Tom Havey of Wilsonville, OR. For his efforts, Havey wins a trip to Flying Dog’s hometown of Denver, CO for a VIP Brewery Tour and three-day pass to the 2007 Great American Beer Festival.

“Woody Creek White was the perfect name because it reinforces Flying Dog’s remarkable story and the collection of social misfits that created the brand,” said Neal Stewart, Flying Dog Brewery’s director of marketing. “Woody Creek, CO is a small, yet unconventional mountain community that many people consider to be “Gonzo Ground Zero” and it is also home to our founder, George Stranahan.”

White beers get their name from their naturally cloudy or “white” appearance due to the suspended wheat proteins and unfiltered yeast. Woody Creek White is brewed with unique ingredients such as orange peel and coriander resulting in a refreshing and slightly citrus flavor that is extremely smooth and makes for a great beer to enjoy during the “dog days” of summer.

Woody Creek White Belgian-style Wit Beer will be available in grocery and liquors stores in 6-packs and on draft in pubs and bars from June through August.

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